Mimi & Robert SDE: Davao

Not every couple have the opportunity to share their actual engagement video, let alone if it was shot in Venice, Italy. ┬áRobert did just that and Mimi couldn’t be happier. ┬áPardon the long intro of the SDE, it was really worth including.


Dianne & Wrenley SDE: Bohol

Dianne & Wrenley’s parents are best friends. Closer than the two of them to each other. Even their houses are almost identical. They also help in each others’ businesses.


Ria & Ian: Chicago

If you love watching movies like me, this is the place you’ll be most excited about as countless scenes from films have been shot in Chicago and we were fortunate enough to have included them here.


Marlies & Anton SDE: Bohol

Bohol was rocked by an intensity 7.2 quake a week before their wedding. With destruction everywhere and thousands displaced, we were worried if they would push through with the event.


Dimple & Jude: Manhattan NYC

Drew our inspiration for their pre-wedding film from their favourite poem, written by Edward Estlin Cummings, one of the greatest poets who ever lived.


Trina & Lauro SDE: Davao

Getting married, by itself, is already as unforgettable an experience as anything one could have in this world. Add the presence of your (oftentimes wacky) parents, close friends, and relatives, makes it a truly unbelievable event.


Feel This Moment: MVP Trailer 2013

Here’s our new trailer for 2013. We’ve had an awesome year so far and we’re looking forward for more. Enjoy!


Rio & Aminah SDE: CDO

Islam considers marriage as a solemn family relationship between a man and a woman, based on mercy and love. Aminah studied in Indonesia and met Rio there at his popular restaurant.


Janice & John SDE: Davao

Oftentimes, opportunities pass us by in times that we least expect it. Though Janice & John experienced their once in a lifetime already, having been married in the US for 2 years now,


Valerie & Mark: CDO

On the tail-end of summer, we were able to shoot the pre-wedding avp of Valerie & Mark. Two young lovebirds, clearly head over heals for each other. Destined for a life full of adventure.


Kiting & DJ SDE: Manila

“You have changed me, and I am a better me because of you.” Simple words, yet it sums up the impact of DJ’s love for Kiting.


Gee & David SDE: CDO

Every person comes with a past, both the good & the bad. If you find someone, willing to embrace and accept yours, he/she is surely a keeper. Take for instance, Gee & David, who both met each other at a particular point in their life