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Oyen|Grace… and The 2 1/2 Hour 150km Drive to the Reception

 - Everytime I mention to people that this wedding’s church ceremony will be held at the magnificent Monastery of the Transfiguration in Malaybalay, Bukidnon & the reception will be at Xavier Estates, Cagayan de Oro City (approximately 150km in distance), their immediate reaction would be, “What?!  That’s insane.”  “Well,” I said to them, “it’s gonna happen.” [...]

Pietro + Jannie… How To Be a Replacement Videographer

- This wedding will go down in history as one of our most memorable.  It’s not because it is a grand wedding… (sights of Tiffany & Co.’s, Prada’s)  and also not because of the very bad weather.  It’s memorable because it was not supposed to be our wedding.  Actually, they booked Lito Sy’s photo & video services, but due to a foggy airport, Lito Sy [...]

Marriage Myths

I just clicked on an interesting post from Today @ about the most popular marriage myths.  Here’s a portion of the full article.  – For most people, the picture of a perfect marriage is a white picket fence and eternal happiness. But just how to achieve that bliss is subject to wide debate: Do babies really bring [...]

Neil & Christy: Lovely

- Our last couple for 2007.  We shot their prenup video 2 days before their wedding.  In different locations pa. – -  The wedding itself turned out great inspite of, again, the rain that briefly stopped (and transferred) their garden ceremony.  It seems every wedding that we shoot, it rains! – The song for the onsite that we [...]