Katrina & Christian SDE: CDO

Posted on October 5, 2015 in Cagayan de Oro, SDE, Wedding Videos — Share this via

For a bride, a wedding is a combination of feelings. A feeling of happiness, because you are finally getting married. Excitement, because you are marrying someone you love. Sadness, because you are leaving the man who loved you first, your dad. These make the event of getting hitched an intriguing one.
On which day can you cry, laugh and party so hard at the same, and be with almost all of the people you care about. Only on your wedding day.
Katrina has always been a Daddy’s girl, yet on the day she’s leaving her Dad for her partner of 7 years, Christian, you can see all those emotions all at once. Fascinating how on one occasion, we can manifest these different feelings and reactions. That is what true love does in our lives.