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Jaclyn & Brent SDE: New York

Brent was so sure Jaclyn was the one he married her soon after they met. That was 4 years ago. Fast forward today, with 2 beautiful kids and a relationship going as strong as ever, their friends and family witnessed their love bonded this time,


Madel & Dondie SDE: San Jose

It is always a pleasure covering a wedding with many familiar faces as Madel is already our 3rd client from the Canete-Dakudao family. It made the day super fun and relaxed as we were treated as family during our stay in San Jose.


Katrina & Christian SDE: CDO

For a bride, a wedding is a combination of feelings. A feeling of happiness, because you are finally getting married. Excitement, because you are marrying someone you love.


Connie & Rando SDE: CDO

“If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don’t, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.” ― Matt D. Miller


Armie & Michael SDE: Cebu

Having a child in a relationship has its advantages. The bond between a couple is stronger and their commitment for each other much more meaningful. Having a child is always a blessing.


Katrina & Bayani SDE: Davao

I had a glimpse of how in love Katrina & Bayani are for each when I had a meeting with them in a coffee shop in Davao. The way all their plans revolve around their relationship, even having their own house start construction way before booking


Keysa & Steve SDE: Dipolog

It’s always a blast when we get to cover a wedding in Dipolog.  The food, the people, and now, for this particular wedding, we get to finally see Dakak for their reception.


Mary & Jude SDE: CDO

Love is like learning to dance, there will be missteps along the way, yet the times you spent learning it will be worthwhile. Mary & Jude chose each other dance partners in life.


Yu Chia & Yu Fan SDE: Bohol

Despite our language barrier with the couple and their guests, we need not understand the words they are saying. Their mere actions and the affection that emanates from


Camille & Mikel SDE: Davao

Doing things together has always been what Camille and Mikel’s relationship is all about.  Even taking up nursing, and graduating both at the same time, they exemplify


Marlies & Anton SDE: Bohol

Bohol was rocked by an intensity 7.2 quake a week before their wedding. With destruction everywhere and thousands displaced, we were worried if they would push through with the event.


Trina & Lauro SDE: Davao

Getting married, by itself, is already as unforgettable an experience as anything one could have in this world. Add the presence of your (oftentimes wacky) parents, close friends, and relatives, makes it a truly unbelievable event.